Sowing the seed for the next generation of coders

At UGAHacks, we help your ideas sprout to life. Log on and get hacking with us in this epic 36 hour hackathon, hosted in Georgia's quintessential college town, Athens.

Hackathons are all about exploring your ideas and bringing them to fruition. We've got mentors, workshops and mixers to help you get what you need and branch out, and fun events like karaoke and video game tournaments when you're bushed and ready to unwind. We'll keep you well fed and watered all weekend. It's time to go out on a limb and find your roots!

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Michael E. Cotterell
Lecturer / University of Georgia

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Eman Saleh
Lecturer / University of Georgia

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Michael Scott
Lecturer / University of Georgia

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Sachin Meena
Lecturer / University of Georgia

Judging Criteria

  • Technology
    How technically impressive is the project? Did the project use a clever technique or use many components? Did it make the judges go “wow”?
  • Completion
    Does the project work? Did your team achieve the goal for the hackathon?
  • Creativity
    Is this idea new and interesting? Has anything similar to this project been developed before?
  • Learning
    What did you learn from this? Did you learn a lot of new topics (maybe even soft skills)? This will be more of a question based category rather than observing your work.
  • Design
    Was this a well designed and thought out project or something that was hastily put together at the last minute? Was the project properly scoped given the time frame?